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Your strength during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding 

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See the different services I offer. We can always adapt them to exactly what you want

A doula package includes a preparation meeting, birth preparation, breastfeeding preparation and doula call from week 38+0 - 42+0. You can choose between an essential or a plus package.

Relaxing, relieving and pleasant pregnant massage or rebozo massage as well as birth-maturing and oxytocin-boosting treatments both with rebozo and acupressure. 

Breastfeeding can be difficult, but with preparation you can usually have a successful breastfeeding experience. Regardless of whether you are breastfeeding for the first time or have a history of breastfeeding, I make sure that you are well prepared - both before birth and during the breastfeeding process.

Birth preparation incl. techniques where we e.g. learn about  birthing positions, techniques for pain relief, labour management and breathing. We adapt the preparation to your needs and wishes.

Do you need help babywearing or starting food with the BLW method? Or maybe you are interested in learning more about cloth diapers or EC baby on the potty? Book an appointment either for yourself or in your mothers' group and expand your knowledge. 

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Doula forløb
Rebozo og fødselsforedelse
Vikling,EC og BLW

I have had the great pleasure of having Alexandra by my side for my last birth of baby no. 3. Alexandra is very caring and helped to ensure that my wishes and needs were met during my birth.



Alexandra is a gentle, caring and a listening person whom I would recommend to anyone. She has helped me both with relaxing rebozo and with breastfeeding my 2 children.



Alexandra helped me during my breastfeeding journey to get rid of my breastfeeding shells and corrected my baby's breastfeeding technique, so that I didn't have pain while nursing. I ended up nursing until my daughter was 9 months old! Being a mother of three herself, she gave me so many tips and confidence to go through my journey as a new mother. I felt very comfortable receiving her support. Thanks Alex.



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