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Nursing consultation

Personal nursing consultation in the comfort of your home or at my clinic

  • 1 time 30 minutter
  • 999 danske kroner
  • Moder Jord Gaia|Hjemme hos dig selv

Beskrivelse af service

As an experienced doula and experiences breastfeeding mother of three, I am committed to supporting you on your breastfeeding journey through a comprehensive 1.5-2-hour breastfeeding guidance session. Here are some of the key elements I offer to ensure a successful and positive breastfeeding experience: Personal Planning and Customization: Prior to our meeting, I will gather information about your individual needs, challenges, and breastfeeding goals. This allows me to tailor the session to your specific circumstances. Please write a comment when you book about the challenges you are facing. Breastfeeding Techniques and Latching: We will delve into various breastfeeding techniques and proper latching. I will demonstrate and guide you through the most optimal breastfeeding positions that suit you and your baby. Adapting to Baby's Needs: Each baby is unique, and their breastfeeding needs may vary. I will help you recognize your baby's hunger cues and adapt to their pace and preferences during breastfeeding. Addressing Challenges: If you're facing challenges such as painful nursing, insufficient milk supply, or other concerns, I will work with you to identify the causes and offer practical solutions. Breast Care and Comfort: We will discuss methods to maintain good breast care and comfort during breastfeeding. This includes tips for preventing breast engorgement, mastitis, and other potential discomforts. Emotional Support: Breastfeeding can be an emotional journey. I will listen to your concerns, fears, and joys, and provide support and guidance to create a healthy and positive breastfeeding experience. Building Confidence: My goal is to boost your confidence as a new mother. I will work with you to build confidence in your breastfeeding abilities and help you feel more secure in your role as a breastfeeding mother. My objective as a doula is to provide you with the knowledge, support, and confidence necessary to create a smooth and loving breastfeeding experience. By booking a breastfeeding consultation at Moder Jord GAIA, you gain a dedicated partner on your breastfeeding journey who is here to assist you every step of the way - in whatever challenge you might face or any option you want to choose. For home consultations I charge an extra 200kr + 5DKK for each additional km above 20 km from and to your home that is accounted for separately.


Hvis du vil ændre eller aflyse din tid, skal du gøre dette senest 24 timer inden din aftale for at få dine penge refunderet eller aftalen rykket. Derefter vil aflysninger/ændringer blive 100% opkrævet.


  • Moder Jord Gaia - Roskilde, Sønderlundsvej 18, Roskilde, Denmark

    +45 27858391

  • Sjælland, Danmark

    +45 27858391

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