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My name is Alexandra Mihalcea Garonfolo and I am the founder of Mother Earth GAIA

A new arrival in the family is magical, powerful and life-changing, and therefore I think it is absolutely essential that the family - especially the birthgiving person - should feel that they are in a safe environment, can get support and feel empowered when they need it most.

As a doula, I offer to be your strength in all aspects in the beginning of parenthood. It is important to emphasize that support and guidance with me takes place on the premises of the pregnant, birthgiving and breastfeeding woman and I listen carefully to the specific needs.

Based on this, as a doula I can help shape and prepare you and your partner to get ready for your new parental roles in an empathetic and nurturing way. From the pregnancy, I offer, among other things, birth preparation, pain relief techniques, guiding and planning the birth, rebozo and acupressure. I am also happy to be there for the birth, as your support and strength with the toolbox filled with, for example, help with birth positions, labor pain management and natural pain relief. I have 8 years of personal and continuous breastfeeding experience distributed over my 3 children. I am training as a breastfeeding consultant, and can therefore advise on both the beginning of breastfeeding, but also breastfeeding for your older newborn or child.

As your doula, you can expect me to be empathetic, nurturing, open, empowering and listening. I only take one birth in a month, to secure my availability to you in exactly your due period and I have since my certification in April 2023 attended 7+ births, both at home and at several hospitals (Roskilde, Rigshospitaletm Herlev and Hvidovre). This has given me a very good overview of how the different collaborations work, with the hospitals and with different midwives, as well as equipping me with familiarity and calmness.  

I live in Roskilde Vest in a lovely, charming and older mason's villa with my husband Herbert and our 3 children, Leonardo from 2015, Sienna from 2017 and Serena from 2020. Here I have created my little doula business. I will also gladly come to your home, should you wish for certain sessions. 

I look forward to welcoming you and strengthening you in your motherhood.


Presence and care

If you choose me as your doula or birth therapist, you can be sure to get a person with presence, warmth and care. You are guaranteed a valuable partner in your start to motherhood, who has both personal and professional experience with breastfeeding, rebozo, babywearing, birth preparation and much more. Throughout my life I have lived, studies and worked in varius countries, which has given my the ability to connect to many people of different cultures and languages. I have lived in Switzerland, Canada, Italy (Rome &  Milan), USA (New York), and Romania. My background is furthermore a mix of Danish, Romanian, Syrian and Italian. 


Mother of 3

Through my motherhood, I have become more in tune with myself, the pregnant and birthgiving process and I want to support other women in their process. I have given birth to my 3 children both at home and in the hospital and had a late premature baby as well. 

My intuition has strengthened my motherhood a lot and subsequently I have learned about many aspects of motherhood that I did not know about when I began my journey. I would like to help other woman to create a curiosity and learning throughout-your-proces-mentality already in their pregnancy, either with their first or subsequent babies. 

fødselsterapeuten uddannelse


I started Mother Earth GAIA in the beginning of 2023 while undergoing my doula training programme through Fødselsterapeuten and which I completed in April 2023. In April 2023 I also completed a course in pregnancy massage at MassørTeamet. At the same time, I am undertaking training as a lactation consultant, and when I finish I will become a voluntary lactation consultant per phone through Parents and Birth (Forældre Og Fødsel) If you need more than telephone advice, you are welcome to contact me. Moreover I also volunteer as a doula and birth helper at Fødselshælpen.

(Birth Help).

In june 2023 I have been under the wings of private midwife Susanne Kristensen, that runs the clinic Jordemoderen in  Roskilde.

My background is something completely different. I have a Master of Science in Strategic Market Creation from CBS, but after many years and consideration, I have chosen to follow my intuition and dream of helping other women in their pregnancies and maternity.

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